I have spent the last couple of evenings working on the backhead and other steam fittings.

The first great debate on this final fit was which of many options should I use to seal the fittings. During the initial build, I didn’t fix any of the “upper” fittings as I knew I would be taking them to bits. In the end and after advice from Matt (“little”) at Polly who is a PTFE fan, and Matt (“big”) who is Loctite 243/2400 fan and the Facebook 5″ group who seem to be, by majority, Loctite 542 fans. I went with the latter for the backhead.

I have, however, used lock and seal (2400) on the steam turret as I also want that to be held in a fixed position.

As ever, each little job is slightly more complex. To remove and then fit the boiler feed clacks, I had to remove the firebox door and to fit the blower valve, I had to remove one of the screws on the regulator gland.

I have also been polishing all the visible pipe runs with brasso wadding as I fit them.

My new water gauge arrived (see previous blog) and I have fitted that and use a 6mm Allen key to align the top and bottom while the sealant cures.

Finally, I have fitted the whistle. This is easier if you remove the steps that had previously been fitted. In fact, I think the steps should go on last, because they obstruct the fitting of both the whistle and the injector.

The whistle has a locking nut to hold it firm on the pin that sticks out from the buffer beam. I need to acquire a slimmer spanner to get at the nut once the whistle is attached so that is something to look for at the show on Saturday.