Building Molly Ann

An adventure in model engineering by a complete beginner

Supplies and resources

On this page is a catalogue of all of the suppliers and resources that I have used or found helpful. This page will evolve through the project.

Existing tools

As I start the project the tools I have access to are:

  • BA model sized spanners and box spanners
  • Dremel tool plus drill press for dremel, flexishaft, wide range of tools
  • Bosch – Li-on power drill
  • Metric drill bits
  • Stubby spanner set – metric
  • Socket set – metric
  • Metric and imperial alan keys
  • Bosch workbench
  • Oil cans x 2

I believe that Polly Model kits have a mixture of imperial and metric fasteners.

Below are my month by month additions to the tool set and other consumables.

March 2018

Phoenix Precision Paints – very helpful in terms of advice and tips. The initial paint purchases are here. Since that purchase I have also added some thinners for spraying (just in case) and some cleaner.

Amazon – I would rather use specialist suppliers but Amazon is great for those general things you need in a hurry. The March purchases are here

PNP Railways – I have bought a short section of track to put the loco on for building and display

April 2018

This month’s additions:

  • Set of files and needle files
  • Bahco adjustable spanner 100mm as beloved by Keith Appleton
  • Bahco screwdriver set
  • Bahco interchangeable screwdriver
  • New craft knife (the old one was blunt)
  • Draper metric ring and open spanners – 6mm – 19mm
  • Scotchbrite

All of the above from Amazon. By the end of this project I might have, for the first time in my life, a decent set of tools!

Also bought a compressor for the airbrush and some more nitrile gloves

May 2018

Bought some more paint from Phoenix Precision.

At the Doncaster show I got my hands on a set of laser cut spanners a couple of flap wheels and a new scalpel.

To fix my painting problems I bought some Nitromors and cellulose thinners along with some VW Mars Red spray paint. All of these items came from Halfords.

June 2018

The workload has taken its toll on my needle files so I have bought another set from Amazon.

I also bought some Bahco fine files to work on the connecting and coupling rods as well as some better rolls of emery cloth in 240 and 120 grit.


July 2018

Kit 5 (Cylinders) needs lapping paste to prepare the faces of the valves and valve ports. I ordered some from Amazon.


October 2018

To help manage rust on remaining metal surfaces I have bought some ACF-50. Not so many consumables or new tools being bought at this stage of the build.

January 2019

A new year and a new purchase. Another consumable, some jointing compound for sealing the superheater to the wet header of the boiler.


February 2019

To help me get a good fit of the chimney base to the smokebox I have bought some engineers blue. Once again Amzon to the rescue.

March 2019

A quiet month, I just bought some more emery cloth!

April 2019

Another quiet one!

May 2019

I bought a few more consumables at the Model Engineering Show in Doncaster. Some more needle files and some J B Weld. The J B Weld is excellent for filling metal like the screw slots where the water tanks have been fabricated.

June 2019

I bought the worlds largest tool box. A Stanley Max that has a handle and wheels. It really is huge, but I will be able to get everything in it including the blower, battery (for sites without 12v on tap), oil cans, charcoal the lot!

July and August 2019

Nothing – Molly is away for painting so not much happening in terms of materials.

September 2019

I bought some more nitrile gloves to protect the paint during assembly.

October 2019

A big trip to B&Q to buy all the ply wood to make the loco carrier for the boot and also the top for my other major purchase – a hydraulic platform truck. I had an enjoyable weekend with woodwork instead of metal work. I also bought some spare fixings from Polly and some spare/different red striped gauge glass.

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