I am sure the residents of Long Eaton regard themselves as being part of Nottingham but the headline wouldn’t work so well!

I have been spending the weekend dismantling the loco and preparing the metal work for painting.

I bought a pack of take-away boxes to manage the components and have very carefully labelled all of the fixture zip-lock packets.

At the end of the weekend I was back to the chassis with a neat pile of material for painting.

I am going to pay a little bit more attention to the tank by filling the screw slots on the fabrication with JB Weld and then sanding them back.

I can finally get my hands on the chassis too, but will wait until after we have fiddled with the timing again to repaint and touch up any scratches ready for the final assembly.

Overall the dismantling took about 10 hours or so. I am sure that putting it back together carefully once painted might take a while longer.