I have completed the build of Molly Ann. The last few steps were to finalise fitting the tank with the fixtures that Polly has sent me and to take the edges off some of the elements of the cab with file and emery cloth.

I am delighted with the result.

There are few elements that I haven’t done on the build:

1 – Fitting the safety valve which can wait to the final painted assembly

2 – Fitting the gauge glass. Again this can wait until I have fitted all the back head elements in final form.

3 – Fitting the ash pan. I am goint to call Polly today to talk about the ash pan. It seems about 4mm too big towards the rear and fouls the horn blocks of the rear axle. I am sure that they will be able to sort it or supply an alternative. UPDATE – I had put it in the wrong way round! What an idiot! Anyway for future builders the pan goes in with the open end facing the rear.

4 – Fitting the handrails to the cab, again this can wait until I have the finished painted version and Polly have offered to cut and finish them for me.

Over the next two weeks I will dismantle her back to around Kit 8 and the elements for painting are being dropped off at Polly on 12 August.