Having spent a very pleasant Christmas and New Year holiday with family and friends, I went over to Polly today to collect Kit 9 which includes the boiler.

It is a very impressive and heavy item.

I have fitted the steam dome and regulator along with the blanking plugs. There is just a little bit more to do on packing the regulator gland and finishing the regulator handle which has quite a few casting burrs.

The boiler will be hydraulic tested to twice working pressure (180psi) on Sunday so need to get those last little bits done.

While I was over at Polly I retested the timing of the valve gear. I had to do some re-threadlocking on the valve rod linkages and I knew that I had probably upset the timing. The two Matts at Polly had that sorted fairly quickly. I was also able to confirm that my revised positioning of the draincocks had sorted the problem that they didn’t open and close together. All in all, I now have a chassis that is sufficiently tuned to move on confidently to the superstructure.

I also took some photos of the pipe runs on Molly Ann and Trojan (the 0-4-0 version) to help me with running the pipes to roughly the right locations.

I hope the boiler passes the tests and once it has I can move on to fitting it.