So the Christmas holidays are nearly with us.

Work has been exceptionally busy and I am looking forward to a rest.

But good news on the Molly Ann front, I am picking up Kit 9 on 3rd January and as I am not back at work until 7th I will have a day or so to make progress.

I haven’t been entirely idle. In the intervening period I have “booked” the painting with Polly’s friendly painter.

Molly Ann is going to look like the photo above. These are the colours of the Longmoor Military Railway. It was quite interesting researching the colours as Polly asked me for a RAL code for the blue. Apparently they discovered that Dulux Oxford Blue was the hardest wearing during some tests at the LMR in the 1960s. So Oxford Blue it is which is somewhat ironic as I went to Cambridge! I couldn’t find a RAL number but Oxford Blue is BS105.

Also (and with a drum roll) Molly Ann has a new name, Liza Jane. My wife is Elizabeth Jane and it is only fitting that the engine should bear her name.

I have also been enjoying the darker evenings with my showman’s engine looking great with her lights on.

Have a Happy Christmas. 2019 looks like it will be the year that Molly Ann is finished and run so exciting times ahead.