I have only a short time today before I set off to SCMES to help with the Bonfire Night event. So I am doing some painting and pipe bending.

While speaking to Matt at Polly he felt that the should have painted his brake system rather than leaving it as metal so I am painting the linkages black.

I have also been experimenting with painting the reverser. I have decided to paint the bottom half black to be unobtrusive where it might be visible under the running boards but to leave the handle itself in bare metal as I think that looks best in the cab. I tried painting it red but didn’t like the look. I also think it will look quite shabby quite quickly as the paint is likely to get a lot of abuse in the cab.

In between painting sessions I have been doing some more pipework for the water pump.

Just one more pipe to fit for the water pump and it is a long one that runs to the back of the loco and is the bypass pipe.