I picked up Kit 8 yesterday. It is quite a small kit containing the pipework (3 pipes) for the axle water pump and the brake system.

There are three pipes to fit. The first one is shown here.

Polly told me to to not try too hard to make the final bends at the end of the pipes until the tanks are in place. The one fitted here had been pre-bent by Polly but the others I will need to do myself.

The other element of the kit is the brake system. The parts are shown below.

However, there are a pair of linkages missing. I really should get into the habit of checking before I leave Polly that I have all the parts. I have emailed them and I am sure that they will be on their way here very soon.

Polly locos are only braked on the rear wheels so the system is relatively straightforward compared with those on scale models.

I think a cosmetic challenge here will be to profile the brake shoes to the wheels.

In the meantime I am painting some of the other components especially the draincock system and the reverser. I am also cocking to scotchbrite the rust off the bare metal around the draincocks and apply some ACF-50 for protection.