Announcement not yet heard in any station!

So build progress has been suspended for three weeks while we have new carpet and decoration in what we are now calling the “Hobby Room”. It will be home to my workbench, son’s musical instruments and will also be home to my wife’s spinning wheel and wool stash.

I was temporarily exiled to the garage which is not conducive to work on Molly Ann. It is too cold and the light is poor.

But good news, there was an off-cut of carpet perfect for making an additional protective “mat” for work on the engine. Here you can see my warm new location. Still some decorating to do as you can see on the windowsill alongside my D R Mercer.

However, I noticed that the stay in the garage didn’t suit Molly Ann and some surface rust occurred on the reverser mechanism.

I asked Polly and Facebook for advice. I have now painted the reverser frames and the reach rod. I am going to use some ACF-50 (as recommended on Facebook) on some of the other bare metal (e.g. draincock activation rod and reverser lever).

Finally, I am off to Polly on Friday (2/11) to pick up the next kit so there should be more progress to report soon.