While running the chassis on air we discovered that I hadn’t noticed the handed-ness of the draincocks so that they didn’t open together. I think I have fixed that by swapping two of them, but I would like to test on air if possible.

I had some problems with setting up the lever mechanism. Molly Ann is based on a Polly III 0-6-0 but with some crucial changes. It took me a call with Matt and an exchange of photos to sort out the mounting positions for the lever assembly. Polly have changed it as they found that the old position of the lever was very near the firebox with consequent burnt finger risk. Having resolved that it became clear that I had the wrong activation rod that runs from the cab to the draincocks under the wheel keeps. So a new one of those was posted out.

Here you can see the position of the lever.

Here is the rod running under the chassis. Polly are sending me some longer bolts so that I can fit locking nuts as this assembly will be a fiddle to get at once the engine is in use.

Once again, all these little problems have been easily resolved with Polly’s help.

Kit 7 is finished now. It was the most challenging so far in terms of components and setup. Kit 8 (steam pipes) next followed by the boiler. Once again I may get both together depending on timings.