Now that I have completed Kit 4 (motion) I can move onto Kit 5 (cylinders).

This kit comprises the cylinder blocks, pistons, o-rings, packing, cross head fittings and cylinder covers and associated fasteners.

As this is a precision part of the build there is relatively little for the builder to do other than put things together as Polly have taken all the strain on the engineering front.

I know that some connoisseurs will be concerned with the use of rubber o-rings on the pistons. There is an “expert” option to have metal piston rings but this is considered by most to be not worth the hassle of fitting.

As the block is cast iron, in operation a good squirt of oil is added after each run to prevent rust and seizing.

I am delayed on the first step of the kit, however, as I need some fine valve lapping paste to arrive to allow me to lap the valve to the port face on the cylinder. With a bit of luck this will turn up from Amazon in the next day or so.