I have completed one cylinder and attached it to the frames.

The cylinders are relatively easy to put together. Attaching them to the frames however is quite tricky as there are 8 bolts that hold them in place and couple of them are now in a tricky location to get a tool to them.

The first step of the cylinder assembly is to lap the valves to the port face. To do this I had to buy some grinding paste.

Here you can see the valve which now has a matt finish across the face.

Probably the trickiest part is getting the graphite yarn into the thread at the rear of the cylinder. The instructions call for two 5″ lengths and it takes a lot of tamping down with a small screw driver to get it all in and leave enough for the thread on the nut (shown below) to take.

I have had to leave the cylinder without the end cover on as, unusually, Polly have left me two M4 screws short. I have been in touch with Lucy and I dare say they will be in the post this week.