I spent a pleasant morning at SCMES helping with the open day.

Jobs included:

  • Preparing carriages on the high and ground level track for running
  • Chatting to Tony about his 5″ gauge 0-4-0 ST and getting some tips for Molly Ann
  • Talking Polly model builds with another club member
  • Parking warden duties

The highlight for me though was the arrival and steaming of Taw.

Taw belongs to the NRM in York but by a somewhat circuitous route is currently in the care of Andy one of our club members who services and repairs 7″ gauge locos and railways for a living (where did I go wrong)!

Taw weighs in at 2.5 tonnes so took four of us to push her out of her low loader and onto the reception track for our 7″ line. She came up to steam in about 30 minutes and was soon the highlight for many of the children visiting the club today.