Well that was fun.

Kit 1 is complete.

There is one thing that I might come back to; the buffer beams. I am a bit mixed about the finish that I have achieved. It is quite flat which is caused by a combination of cautious spraying and from too far away due to my fear of runs. I quite like the look, but I think it might look more realistic to apply a final brush coat of enamel to gloss them some more. That could be done quite easily later so will stick with what I have for now.

The last pieces of the Kit 1 jigsaw are the bearings for the motion and weighshaft.

The instructions said to make sure that they are done up well as they are difficult to access later so I have applied a bit of threadlock (Loctite 2400) to them for good measure.

Kit 2 will be ready for collection on Wednesday (25/4) so I will be moving onto the wheels and “suspension”.