I dropped in at Polly Models this morning to pick up Kit 2. I also picked up some more tips from Andy and Matt (the creator of Molly Ann).

The showroom model of Molly Ann is currently in bits while the superstructure is being painted. This gave me an excellent chance to look at the frames, wheels and motion. Matt also gave me some tips for the wheels kit in general including making sure the middle axle is in the right way.

Polly have made one of the most important parts of the build almost idiot proof. The wheels are pre-attached to the axles with the axle boxes and eccentrics on them. The axles are pre-drilled where the grub screws need to go. So wheel alignment and quartering (getting the phasing of the connecting rods and the motion correct) are sorted as long as I put the axle in the right way round. If I get it wrong I will be beautifully in phase but going backwards!

Kit 2 looks straightforward but again I think patience with de-burring the wheels will pay dividends later. So I am going to busy with the files and emery cloth.

You can see my Dremel in the background and Matt recommended I get a diamond tool for fettling the wheels. After an hour on this one I think he might be right!