Having sorted the water pump and fettled the tank, I have moved onto the cab work over the last few days.

The cab is made up of brass plates for the spectacle and sides (all one piece) with reinforcement plates towards the rear and with a removable rear to allow access to the controls for driving.

I got off to a bad start as it turned out that I had mounted the reach rod in the wrong way for Molly Ann and, as a result, the cab cut out for the reach rod seemed out of alignment.

A bit of dismantling and reassembly sorted that out with a call to Polly.

The cab work was then fairly straightforward with a bit of emery cloth to take off the edges ready for painting.

Fitting the windows was a matter of filing down the Perspex to get a good fit. This took a bit of time with constant checking of fit.

The proof of the pudding of the whole kit for me was the next stage. Fitting the tank to the cab. Would it fit in such a way to allow alignment to the smoke box?

Well it was a bit of a fiddle to get the bolts through the cab and into the tank end but once it was all together it fitted beautifully.

Just a bit more work to do on the tank fitting at the front. There is a bit of cladding that goes under the bracket that I appear to have mislaid! I also need to cut the handrail material to the correct lengths.

The next element of the kit is the pipework that needs to be run for the injector and for the axle pump bypass valve.