So here we are, 15 months or so after I started, I have just picked up Kit 12.

It is a big one too with the tank, plate work for the cab, hand water pump, and all the final fittings.

I am going to be forced to take my time with this as I am away on business and then on a sailing trip plus picking up my son from University over the coming weekends.

The overall schedule to completion is:

By end of July – assembly of the final kit

August – take it all to Polly at the beginning of August for their friendly painter and to have one final run on air with the chassis.

September – Collect the painted components and reassemble.

October – Steam test

We shall see if I can stick to this plan.

Sadly, this will mean that I won’t be running her at the Polly Owners Group (POG) rally in Sheffield, but I will be going to that event.

It was great to catch up with the team at Polly. They are very busy and, in my opinion, rightly so. The customer experience has been really good, you just need to ask for help and it is freely given.