I went over to pick up Kit 11 last Thursday. It is a big one comprising running boards and valances, the cab floor and most of the cab controls including the backhead fixtures and fittings.

The first step was to check the boards for any sharp edges and then to fit them to the sides of the loco. Some challenges here as the holes for the bolts in the frames were full of paint. A word of advice to future builders, put some tissue paper in all the threaded holes in the frames before you spray them to save you this hassle later. Otherwise, run the bolts into the frames before fitting the boards so that you know that the bolt will tighten with the relatively fine Allen key needed.

Once the board is in place it is time to fit the valance. Again preparing the holes in the buffer beams before fitting would be sensible.

The last stage of this part of the kit was to fit the lubricator. Mechanical lubricators appear to be a bit of a dark art. I have fitted mine, but will need to take it off again to “tune” it. There are extensive instructions in the build papers on setting up the lubricator. I will publish a separate blog when I do that.

The final element for the lubricator is the activation mechanism that runs off the crosshead. It is a pivot arrangement attached to the valance. Apparently the geometry of this is all specific to the Molly Ann and the lubricator so does not need specific adjustment.