I have moved onto Kit 7 which completes the drive train.

I ordered Molly Ann with a pole reverser as I felt that is is easier to operate than a screw type. However, I have run into some issues.

1 – I ordered an upgraded handle which is a lost wax casting. Unfortunately it seems that I might have let myself into slightly more work and it doesn’t seem to actuate the latch very well. You can see in the photo that to drop the latch it needs the whole to be offset more. It is no big deal for me to go back to the standard handle so I may do that.


2 – Having “given up” on the latch I mounted the reverser but the reach rod is a little too short and there is no obvious means of adjsutment. This means that the pole moves beyond the most forward latch to engage forward but will not pull back to the back notch as full reverse is engaged “early”.

A call to Polly today and I think we have a good plan to resolve. I am going to pop over and Matt has offered to help me sort things. This is what I like about Polly they are so helpful and want you to get a quality loco at the end. It will be good to go over and have my work checked out too.

So in a more positive mood, I have fitted the blast pipe to the cylinders.