I received Kit 3 from Polly today. It consists of the connecting rods and the axle driven water pump and eccentrics plus the front coupling hook.

I had a couple of minor issues. The o-rings for the water pump ram are missing and a couple of 8BA bolts for attaching the coupling hook but those are both easily fixed. The other issue is perhaps more a hazard of building Polly’s latest model. For those of you who don’t know, Polly locos are all fundamentally the same in terms of the core components such as cylinders and the Molly Ann is based on the Polly 3 0-6-0. The instructions for Molly Ann include references to component numbers and drawings that don’t actually exist as specific Molly Ann versions. I ran into issues reading through the instructions and realising that the summary drawings in the kit which are not “exploded” don’t allow you to see “hidden” parts of the build. I had a good chat to Lucy about the problem and she has shared the Polly 3 drawings with me as .tif files and they appreciated the feedback. The drawings revealed the missing detail that I needed such as the alignment of the banjo fittings on the water pump.

Here is the water pump primed and ready for a coat of Signal Red and, yes, I know there is a small blemish that I will have to touch in.