After an emotional evening which was eased by Ben Pavier’s excellent advice, I called Polly this morning and discussed my paint problem.

So this evening I have detached the buffer beams from the frames and applied Nitromors paint stipper. What a mess!


After some further gentle rubbing and use of cellulose thinners I was back to clean metal.

Some light sanding and de-greasing (x3) and finally some etch primer.


So I am ready for colour again in about 24 hours.

This time I am going to use car paint for the red rather than trying to airbrush enamel. I have chosen VW Mars Red. I hope to have everything back to where I started by the end of the weekend. I might then tackle the rear buffer beam in a similar way. The rear only really needs the right red spraying on but I am not sure that the acrylic car paint will work over the thin layer of enamel so it might be easier to start again there too.