I had an interesting day out at the Doncaster Model Engineering Show with my friend Paul. The first time I had been to something like this.

This pair of traction engines running outside were impressive. I would have liked to have seen more “live” models and, considering the availability of outdoor space, it was a shame that there weren’t more.

There were some fantastic locos – The Gresley Cock O’ The North was particularly stunning. I should have taken a photo of it!

Some of the Model Club stands were excellent with interesting projects and finished items others were a bit more humble in their content. As a newbie it was good to see the variety.

The trade stands were OK but probably more suited to the aficionado of model engineering rather than the amateur. I managed to buy a couple of things on my list: Some laser cut metric and BA ring and offset spanners; some flap wheels; and a small pipe bender.

The highlight however for me was seeing the painted Molly Ann

She looks stunning in British Racing Green, a novel choice for a locomotive.

I had a good chat with Andy and Lucy about the next kit and took some close ups of the connecting rods for reference.

All in all a good day out.