I am suffering from a new disorder! I have wheel anxiety.

The condition is brought on by looking at other people’s wheels (real locos and models) and having doubts about the prowess of your own wheels.

I am now too scared to show my wheels in public.

These are not my wheels, these are the wheels of Polly’s own Molly Ann.

My wheels are not as good but then again they are OK. I have put two thin coats of enamel on with a brush and they look better with each coat. So I am going to wait another 48 hours and then do a light wet/dry sand with 2000grit and then put on a final coat.

I think I need to accept my wheels as they are. The loco is a workhorse not a show pony Pacific. Most people will not look at the wheels from 2 inches away. I tell myself these things.

I hope to be brave this weekend and let the world see my wheels. Please be kind!