It is 11 April 2018 and I have been over to Long Eaton today to collect Kit 1 of Molly Ann.

It has only been about 2 weeks since I ordered so we have started ahead of schedule.

The ever positive Andy said that Kit 1 would be quite straightforward and that I would be on the phone after the weekend wanting Kit 2. We shall see.

The instructions look sensible to follow and, from a quick inspection of the parts bag, there aren’t too many similar things that I could put in the wrong place. I have also noted from the instructions the importance determining which side is left and right too! With a number of steps requiring the frame to be turned upside down I will be checking this regularly.

Kit 1 is the frames of the locomotive and I think it will be worth my while investing in making sure that the metal work is sound for painting and that everything is nice and square.