The paint has arrived early from Phoenix (they thought it might be a week as they were heading to a show in York on Thursday afternoon and have closed for a week over Easter). As it is still the Bank Holiday weekend, I thought I should have a go and have been practising some brush painting.

I mixed the 2 pack etch primer 50:50 and left it for a couple of hours. If you are spraying you can use it more rapidly, but for brush painting they recommend leaving it for a bit.

My test subject is an old crank wrench which is a reasonabe simulation of the flat areas of the frames of the locomotive.

Lessons learned:

1 – I mixed up too much paint.

2 – You need to paint pretty quickly. Today it was 6C in the garage and they recommend painting at 15C.

3 – Always remember gloves!

4 – It washes out of the brush very easily.

The proof will be in whether the top coat looks good and that will have to wait for day or. It takes 24 hours for the primer to do its stuff.