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Burrell Showman’s Engine

I thought some readers might be interested in my 1″ Burrell Showman’s Engine.

It is a Maxitrak model that I bought direct from Maxitrak. The engine was their showroom model and the canopy signage acknoweldges the family that own and run Maxitrak. It has an exciting past as it was once stolen from their showroom and later recovered. If you delve into historic Facebook posts on Maxitrak’s page you will find the incident!

I made this video before I fitted the canopy lights that Gary Millar made for me. Here is a short video with her lights on. The lights are great and make her a very attractive sight on display in our dining room using a small power supply.

She is gas fired (ceramic burner) and has a working pressure of 60psi. Now she has been run in she will tick over with barely any pressure showing on the gauge. I have to run her a bit fast for the dynamo to power the lights.

I find looking after her very theraputic. I have had to do a little bit of fettling as she hadn’t been steamed. For example, the cylinder gaskets needed attention and a collet on the crank shaft had come loose. Cleaning her and checking her over after each run is somehow relaxing.

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