Happy Christmas to my blog readers,

We managed to grab the warm and less rainy weather in the gap between Christmas and New Year to have a family outing with Liza Jane at SCMES.

My son, James, and I set off first to get Liza Jane into steam. I am getting a bit better at it now this was the third time. All was going well apart from reversing the steam raising blower by plugging it in the wrong way round. It was spotted and sorted and the fire raised well.

We then got her onto the the high level and I took her for a few laps. Spot the new boiler suit that was actually last year’s Christmas present but have only just been worn.

An hour or so later my wife, Elizabeth, after whom Liza Jane is named arrived and a little later Helen, my daughter, arrived too.

We all had a ride which was great fun.

Very kindly, other club members asked if the family would like to have a drive of our club Hymek – George Weedon. They all had a go on the low level and enjoyed it.

In return for his help, I let the instructor’s son have a few laps with Liza Jane.

Not to be outdone, James then had a session of instruction from Phil Davis which went well. I speak from experience that you do not learn well from your parents.

It was a great day and once again SCMES made everyone feel very welcome. The three “guests” even got certificates for their driving!

Today (Monday 30th) I cleaned Liza Jane, did a bit of nut and bolt tightening and also fitted the lamp brackets and lamps.

She really does look like the finished article now.

I am expecting my driving truck to arrive from Ride on Railways on Friday and may have the opportunity to run Liza Jane again next weekend. We shall see.

All the best for 2020.