I have fitted the smokebox door today.

Another quite fiddly job straight after the fitting of the snifting valve (see previous blog).

The first task is to fit the latch bar supports on the inside of the smokebox. This was pretty straightforward as they are simply bolted into place.

Similarly fitting the dart through the smokebox door was quite easy. Just a bit of deburring of the dart and of the hole in the smokebox door.

The next bit was one of those trial fit, file, refit, repeat jobs. The first challenge being to file the top and bottom surfaces of the hinge on the door to fit between the hinges on the smokebox.

Once that had been done came the second fiddly job; getting all the hinge to align with the right sized holes for the hinge pin to fit through. This is made more difficult by the fact that the hinges on the smokebox are not vertically aligned when tightened so that means that they are a bit wobbly. I have asked Polly whether, on final fit, to use some shim washers or to threadlock the hinges in place. There is no point now as all of it will come off for painting.

I have left a little gap at the top of the pin to allow me to lever it up when I take it apart.

Throughout these photos you will see the copper pipe in front of the smokebox. This is for the lubricator and will send oil from the mechanical lubricator into the steam inlet via a non return valve located under the smokebox.

So the next challenge is fitting the cladding/cleading. Polly use the former “cladding” in the instructions, but “cleading” seems to be the more correct term. Either way, I think it will be the hat trick of fiddly jobs in Kit 10.