Another kit today. This one (Kit 10) comprises the cladding/cleading, the smokebox door and the chimney.

I have made a start on the chimney.

The bottom of the chimney is a casting which has been machined to hold the main body of the chimney. However, the casting needs some tidying up both on the outside and inside surfaces so that it looks good and fits neatly on the smokebox. So more time with files and emery cloth.

The fit is now good and I have also polished up the top of the chimney.

The cladding looks like it is going to be a real challenge, especially around the firebox. I attempted a test fit this evening and it wouldn’t go so have written a pleading email to Polly – Help! I think I may need to get the boiler out of the frames and then fit everything and, as Polly suggest, file down the heads of the rivets in the boiler.