Building Molly Ann

An adventure in model engineering by a complete beginner

D R Mercer

I ordered my D R Mercer at Christmas (2017) time and received it on 17 May 2018. When I ordered from Minsteam they were optimistic that I might have it by March. However, the combination of a very cold winter and the ability of an 80 year old to work (or even get to work) due to the weather; the amount of work being taken on by Minsteam; and Sarah and John’s move to Shropshire caused the delays. To be fair I was kept informed all the way along so I don’t really have any problem with the delay.

She looked absolutely cracking in the evening sun on her first steaming.

There are some bits of adjustment that I would like to do primarily around the opening for the gas filler.

I hope to have many years of enjoyment from owning her.


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