Well the first assembly proper has begun.

Following some more cleaning up of the metal, I have assembled the buffer beam brackets. The first step of many captured in a photo for posterity!

The next step was to attach the buffer stocks and then to attach the frames.

I am really impressed by the engineering in the kit. The frames are absolutely true and square. I went round with a set-square to prove it. Thanks also to Ian Ferguson who commented on my Facebook post that I should check the alignment of the faces of the horns as this can cause issues later. I did that with a straight edge and square and all was well.


I have applied Loctite 2400 to the screws for the cross braces and boiler support. The buffers are attached to the frames with nyloc nuts so not needed there.

I have spoken to Polly Models today and had a long chat with Matt who designed the Molly Ann. I have also put myself in the queue for Kit 2 (Wheels) which should be with me in about 3 weeks time. Kits 3 and 4 will come in late May after the Doncaster Model Engineering Show. I am really tempted to go to the show.